Our services

At Circleville Post Acute we work hard to provide a level of service that stands above what you would expect. With a range of care levels as well as variety in services, we can provide a fully package of services aimed at getting you back home in as quick and healthy a manner as possible. Our compassionate team includes registered and licensed vocational nurses, physical and mental therapists that work with our physicians in your recovery program.

An experienced and fully qualified team ready to work for you

Quality, extensive care services provided


Interactive and fun activities provided include social gatherings, musical guests, arts and crafts, exercise classes, and intellectual discussions. Our aim is to keep minds active and happy, maintaining a sense of community to support each other.

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Outpatient therapy

Do you need an occupational or physical therapist? Our outpatient program is provided to our neighbors for those who have suffered from a range of issues ranging from stroke, back pain, Parkinson’s disease as well as Arthritis, gait abnormalities, cardiac care and chronic heart/ respiratory conditions.

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Palliative care

We provide palliative care to our patients with an array of serious and chronic illnesses. Each care plan is tailored to assist each patient to gain the strength needed to continue with daily life while striving to keep them comfortable.

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Post acute rehabilitation

Our patients can have a variety of specific rehabilitation needs. Working with either a occupational, speech and physical therapist, patients are empowered through individualized programs to reach goals of increased independence and ability.

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Skilled nursing

Each individual care plan concentrates on reducing the amount of time needed in recovery as well as minimizing medical complications, provided by a team available 24 hours a day.

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Social services

Our social services team is here to provide support relating to transition to our facility as well as acting as a resident advocate, working to make sure each resident is happy and comfortable during their stay.

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Wound care program

We offer an extensive wound care program that includes an integrated system of professional, clinical, and technical resources designed to treat a variety of wound conditions.

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